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Flag American football is a non-contact version of the popular (yet non-traditional) sport, suitable for boys and girls of all shapes and sizes. Reliance on strategy and execution mean planning, teamwork and strong communication must be pillars of any successful group undertaking this sport. 



CPD for 3 people

Send up to 3 members of your school community for an official BAFCA (British American Football Coaches Association - NGB) training day. This is a one-day course after which successful participants receive a Level 1 certificate from the National Governing Body. (Participants must be over 18).

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30% off School Starter pack

We continue to work with EP Sports to bring you a discounted pack containing 10 Wilson junior America footballs, 30 flag belts and a large mesh bag to carry the equipment. Everything you need to get playing flag football in your school!

Dukes Festival

Tournament/Festival day

A day of American football fun ideal for a whole class. Half the class form a team to take part in a tournament against other schools and the other half take part in a carousel of flag football-based activities. Great fun for all!

Our package offer includes:


AQ Coaching App

A fantastic resource delivering lesson/ practice plans making flag football easy to teach even for those completely new to the sport. The efficiency and accessibility of this comprehensive scheme of work helps ensure that all teachers and coaches are following best practice.


Team GB day visit

Choose a day in your school year for a visit by either a Great Britain American football Athlete or Coach. They will work within your timetable and can deliver assemblies, taster sessions, partner teaching as further CPD and/or focussed work with tournament teams.

To register or for more information, please contact us at or alternatively, you can call us on 07507 097 147.

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